VeeZy is a digital platform and smart life application.
It is about creating new and functional value propositions for both our consumers and partners, through expanding the boundaries of smart home ecosystem for todays and futures users.


IFTTT provides the VeeZy to have seamless communication with IFTTT compatible devices and services thank to interoperability across various industries and platforms, bringing the futures connected living to life.

It is Home Connectivity Alliance’s aim to provide consumers more convenience and options through interoperability. The smart devices of all member companies can be used through the VeeZy mobile application.

Digital Services

Easy Bill

Easy Bill digital service allows consumers to become more aware of their appliance consumptions. Users can monitor their billing history based on the monetary values they have entered based on tariffs and types. Users can monitor energy consumed by their smart air conditioners Users can set upper limits on how much they wish to pay for air conditioner usage per month based on the monetary values they have entered.

Be A Chef

Be A Chef is digital cooking service. It includes more than 150 recipes and uses step-cooking algorithm prepared by chefs.